It's Alireza, and i'm born in 30/march/1991 in Tehran/Iran

I'm a Photographer who design some graphic stuffs and sometimes make a video, and super interested in music !


And most important thing about me is I'm a Dreamer... a good one.


I guess that's enough...

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Tehran / Milad Tower photography

copyright  Alireza Jelodar 2014






explosion / 3D's max studio + ray fire plugin / copyright by Alireza Jelodar 2013

galexy / google search

rihanna / armani adv / google search

Corporate identity design by Alireza Jeldoar 2014

The bird

Blanc Apparel


Nature & All Around

Do it Well

Mel&Moj Apparel


Alireza Jelodar

Corporate Identity


Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Rita Elia Kish Co.


Novin Gostar

Logo Design

Corporate Identity


User Interface Design

 Sketches & Ideas

From 2010 to 2014


this c.v. just designed by me and some of these photographs not taken by me  and i couldn't find their owner.

Alireza Jelodar / March / 2015


 contacts  +98 912 40 66 350 +

copyrights of all designs and ideas by #alirezajelodar with adobe muse